Wood 101: About Veneer

Wood 101: About Veneer

What is veneer furniture? 

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood glued onto engineered wood and below are a few types of engineered wood. 

Engineered wood: Plywood (solid and strong, multilayered, processed), Particle Board (light, inexpensive, unlikely to expand), MDF (flexible for molding and decorations, easy to expand when it gets moistened) 

Veneer furniture means gluing thin slices of genuine wood onto engineered wood. With this technique, some brands falsely claim their products to be solid wood furniture. Without judging these practices, this is quite confusing for everyday consumers. For our brand, we don’t classify veneer furniture as solid wood furniture. 

Let’s take a solid wood dining table as an example - we normally add a wooden structure underneath the tabletop to prevent misshaping and to support the weight. On the other hand, the wooden structure is often not used for veneer dining tables because of the high stability of ‘engineered’ wood. Hence, when choosing furniture, you can pay more attention to the product descriptions, or even ask whether it is veneer or solid wood. 

A simple trick to distinguish between the veneer and solid wood furniture: Veneer furniture has textures with near-regular wooden patterns while solid wood has diverse patterns

‘Veneer is cheaper and better than solid wood.’

This statement is neither right nor wrong. Some European and Japanese furniture brand price their veneer furniture higher than solid wood furniture. Therefore, the price point isn’t the only judging criterion, it also depends on the brand’s reputation, the designs, and the origins of the country. 

If you ask us whether veneer furniture is good or not, if you don’t factor in the cost, we think it all depends on your practical needs. For example, most restaurants use veneer tables because, unlike solid wood furniture, the sticker-like properties can withstand liquids and moisture. Also, the veneer is usually machine-made whereas solid wood furniture is handmade, and inevitably there will be flaws. If you’re a perfectionist looking for unity and do not have the time and effort to take care of your furniture, we strongly suggest veneer furniture. Buying solid wood furniture is definitely an investment, buyers often wish to pass down their ‘heirloom’.




人造木板:夾板/Plywood (堅固,以多塊實木拼貼而成,經過加工),纖維板/蔗揸板/夥粒板/Particale Board (不內潮, 輕巧, 成本低),中纖板/MDF (易於塑型,花邊,雕花,遇水發漲)

人造木板的出現,又引伸出貼皮或飾面傢具 (Veneer),即是於人造木板表面貼上仿木皮或真木皮。有些商家會在人造木板貼上真木皮,聲稱是實木傢俱出售。我們不評論這做法是不正確,但對消息者無疑是造成混亂,所以在我們立場貼皮傢俱不視作實木傢俱。







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