Build Lasting Furniture That Ages With Grace

Our award-winning design team has been creating bespoke furniture for commercial and residential projects for nearly a decade. As well as completely bespoke designs, our furniture collection can be tailored to suit your space whether that’s a change in dimensions, timber, finish or custom details. Not only do we work closely with you to understand your habits and desires on the practical side, but we also consider longevity and sustainability, to make pieces that last and become the heirloom you own.

How We Work

Design Consultation

We love to get to know new clients! In our consultation, we take a healthy approach, emphasizing our understanding of your habits and environmental priorities. All to ensure we have a deep connection with and understanding of your lifestyle. We provide an estimate based on the scope, material, time, and labour of the project.

Design Concept

We provide design drawings and technical information based on the discussion results we have. The goal is not only for you to approve of what is to be built but to communicate our intentions for every creative decision that we make. Our products can only be well-loved when you also care for it. By getting our clients informed, we believe in your power in prolonging a piece and passing it on to the next generation.


Once the design is approved, our carpenters will make the piece come true - chips fall, sparks fly, and wax splashes on the floor. Once the product is completed, we book in delivery and installations upon your schedule.

Grace Maintenance

Once you receive the design, follow the care guide for regular care, avoid direct sunlight and maintain an average humidity, then you should be in good hands. However, solid wood furniture will expand and shrink at different temperatures and humidities. Iif you’re experiencing circumstances including wood cracks and hardware getting loose, we offer a free one-time-only maintenance service within 30 days grace period starting from the date of receipt. Please be aware that normal wear and tear (i.e.: scratches, stains and soiling) are not covered.

Responsible Manufacturing

We prioritize not only the materials we use and the quality of our products but also the way we produce them. We are dedicated to managing our workshops, production practices, and waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Our production line spans across Southeast Asia, but it is in our workshops in Hong Kong and Lativa where a team of skilled and passionate craftspeople form the heart of our operation. We firmly believe in the value of handmade objects and it is our mission to champion the craft and create a lasting legacy of making and makers.

Slow Design encompasses much more than just considering the ethical and sustainable aspects of production. It also entails contemplating the journey of a product post-production, how it will age, and how it will be integrated into our lives. Our furniture are thoughtfully designed to age gracefully, to acquire character as they are lived with, rather than deteriorating over time. By default, this means creating higher-quality pieces that can withstand the test of time. Unlike their cheaper counterparts, our furniture is not destined to break down or lose its appeal within a year of use. While our pieces may come at a higher cost, they eliminate the need for frequent replacements that come with opting for inferior alternatives.

Every purchase becomes an investment, not only in the skilled individuals who design and craft our furniture but also in the future of our planet. By choosing quality products that do not require frequent replacement, we actively contribute to reducing the waste that ends up in our landfills. We firmly believe in transparency throughout the entire production process, from manufacturing to transportation to sustainability. Consumers have the right to know how their furniture is made, and it is through this transparency that we set the standard for what true design represents.

Designing Beyond Standards

Our dedication to craftsmanship extends beyond materials and production methods. We select the finest materials, considering their unique qualities and their ability to age gracefully with use. By designing furniture that is flexible, durable, and timeless, we aim to create pieces that will withstand the test of time and adapt to the evolving needs and tastes of our customers. We intend to go beyond industry standards and create products that offer longevity, sustainability, and a timeless appeal.

Discover Our Bespoke Creations

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  • wood slab and live edged bespoke by litooc

    Wood Slab & Live Edge

  • Resin & Epoxy River Table

  • Built-in Storage

  • Display Cabinet

  • Shoe & Storage Cabinet

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Craftsmanship & Expertise

Our carpenters hail from 4 continents and bring with their lifetimes of experience. we all have in common; a passion for quality craftsmanship and a love for the traditional arts we have been practising over the years, which have been passed down from makers before us.

Design With Integrity

Guided by the visionary Gensen Chan, our acclaimed co-founder and award-winning designer, we are honoured to enjoy the unwavering confidence of our valued clients.  The studio prides itself on its intense attention to materiality, which is at the core of each of its designs, as is an obsession with integrity.