Terms & Conditions

Last modified: 23 March 2023


Our online store, studio and workshop are powered by LITOOC and our customers are bound by LITOOC’s Terms of Service, which may be amended from time to time. By choosing to shop with LITOOC, you accept the Terms and Conditions below and agree to be bound by them, and an agreement is formed between you and us. LITOOC will not be responsible if our online store and showroom are not available for any reason at any time.


When your order is confirmed by LITOOC, these Terms of Sale will constitute our agreement to manufacture and deliver the products to you in accordance with your specified design. Please confirm that you understand and agree to be bound by these Terms of Sale. Please check the dimensions of the products you wish to order to ensure they will fit within your space and that there are no access limitations that could cause problems for delivery (eg: lifts, staircases, doorways, etc.). No refunds will be allowed if the products cannot be delivered due to their size or lack of access for delivery, and extra delivery charges may apply. As each product is individually made by our craftsmen according to your design, we cannot guarantee that every product will look exactly the same as in our catalogue. LITOOC aims to represent the item you design on our website as accurately as possible with a photograph or 3D image. However every computer screen is different and colour tones on individual computer screens may vary, so we cannot guarantee that the colours of our products will exactly match the colours you see on your screen.


Full payment must be made at the time you place your order. We will confirm your order to your designated email address within 24 hours and give you an anticipated delivery date. Once you’ve made full payment, the legal and beneficial title of ownership of the LITOOC items that you purchase will pass to you. Any risk (such as loss, damage, destruction or deterioration of the Pieces) however it arises will pass to you together with the legal and beneficial title.


You may not cancel your order after it has been confirmed. We may only cancel your order if we notify you within 7 days that we cannot satisfy your order. After we have confirmed your order, we may only cancel it if a Force Majeure event occurs. Please refer to Force Majeure below.


The delivery policy is listed on our website. It usually takes 7-14 business days for in-stock items and 60-120 days for pre-order, bespoke and interior projects from confirmation of your order for our products to be manufactured. We will contact you on the day the items arrive and we will arrange to schedule a delivery window. If you wish to defer the delivery date we will be happy to make arrangements. Extra charges apply if you wish to defer delivery by more than 7 days after the scheduled delivery date as storage fee. We will confirm again the day before delivery or on the day of delivery. If the delivery team is unable to reach you an additional charge will be applied to rearrange the schedule and deliver on a different day. If our delivery team is unable to enter your premises or if there is nobody to accept the delivery, an additional delivery fee will be charged if it is necessary for us to return at a later time or date. If delivery is not possible due to access limitations (lifts, staircases, doorways etc.), you may not cancel your order and no refund will be made. Our delivery team will unpack and assemble the product at your premises, and you (or your representative) must inspect the product at that time and confirm your acceptance. If you do not accept the condition of the products due to damage, you must notify our delivery team immediately.


No return or refunds after the order are confirmed. Note: Please note that we follow a 5% difference in sizing/tolerance for every single piece you order, which is the industry standard for wooden furniture. Natural characteristics of solid wood (grain patterns, knots, wood splits, wood filling, purpose distress/scratch marks variations in colouring etc.) are not considered to be faults – they are part of the unpredictable beauty of nature! Wax Oil is sometimes used to even surfaces – this is also not considered a fault. LITOOC will NOT accept returns and refunds based on all of the above natural characteristics of solid wood. LITOOC cannot accept returns of bespoke designs, commissioned or damaged pieces, gift vouchers, homeware, art, plants, unwrapped mattresses, bed linens, cushions or rugs, sale or discounted items, one-off items and any items damaged after you have acknowledged receipt are also not eligible for exchange.


If you decide to start a bespoke design with LITOOC, a deposit of 30% of the total amount will be charged before providing the first draft of technical drawings for you to preview and confirm. You will have 3 rounds of revisions into the final confirmation. These items are made to order with a lead time of 60-120 days after the remaining balance is settled. If you wish to cancel the order before the final confirmation, please note that the deposit is non-refundable. No return or refunds after the order is confirmed. Each of our products is custom-made according to your individual design choices as specified in your order. Please review your design choices carefully before placing your order as your order cannot be changed once it is confirmed.


Once a product is accepted by you or your representative at delivery, the item is non-refundable and non-returnable, and any damage is not the responsibility of LITOOC following acceptance. All wear and tear and damage are not the responsibility of LITOOC following acceptance. If a product is damaged upon arrival, you (or your representative) must notify the delivery team immediately and we will work with you to have the product repaired or replaced. Once the item is signed for on delivery, the item is non-refundable and non-returnable and any damage following acceptance will be void.


For the product “The Extentable” and “The Extentable Mini”, we are now giving a 2-year structural warranty that will cover 2 years from the date you receive your piece. The guarantee covers any functional, or structural defect on the products you buy from LITOOC for private use. If you have any further questions or need to take advantage of the warranty for The Extentable and The Extentable Mini, email us at info@litooc.com with your order number and photos or videos of the defects.


Solid wood furniture will expand and shrink at different temperatures and humidities. Once you receive the design, follow the care guide for regular care, avoid direct sunlight and maintain an average humidity, then you should be in good hands. However, if you’re experiencing circumstances including wood cracks and seasonal expansion, we offer a FREE one-time-only maintenance service within 60 days grace period starting from the date of receipt. Please be aware that normal wear and tear (i.e.: scratches, stains and soiling) are not covered. If you have any further questions or need to take advantage of the one-time-only maintenance service, email us at info@.itooc.com with your order number, relevant photos, and descriptions. 


Our furniture is very easy to look after, and with a little care, will continue to look beautiful for future generations. We like to keep wood looking and feeling as natural as possible. We can supply a wood care kit for your at-home maintenance, which is available to order online or at our studio. Within the 60 days grace period, starting from the date of receipt, we grant a one-time-only care and maintenance service on wood cracks or seasonal expansions. Please be aware that normal wear and tear (i.e.: scratches, stains and soiling) are not covered. After the grace period, we provide the service at an additional cost if your furniture piece requires extra love of care and maintenance. If you have questions about the service, enquire us at info@litooc.com with your order number, relevant photos, and descriptions.


Namely, that we shall not, except in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, be liable to you by reason of any representation or implied warranty, condition or other term or any duty at common law, or under the Terms and Conditions, for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit or otherwise) costs, expenses or other claims for compensation whatsoever (whether occasioned by the negligence of ours or our employees or agents or otherwise) arising out of or in connection with any act or omission of ours relating to the supply of the orders, their use or resale by you or their use by any customer, and our entire liability hereunder shall not exceed the price of the orders.


LITOOC will not be in breach of its obligations to you if its performance is prevented or delayed by any one or more of the following events or circumstances (each, a “Force Majeure Event”): fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, lightning strike, storm, hurricane, typhoon or other extreme weather conditions, epidemic, famine or other natural calamities, act of war (whether declared or undeclared), invasion, the act of terrorism, blockade, embargo, riot, public disorder, insurrection, rebellion, civil commotion, sabotage, strike, lockout, work stoppage, labour dispute or other industrial action. If a Force Majeure Event occurs, we will consult with you regarding an appropriate resolution to the problem, which may include a delay or extension of the delivery schedule or cancellation of your order and refund of your payment.


No warranty, express or implied, is given by LITOOC with respect to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any products manufactured, sold or delivered by LITOOC to you.


This agreement between LITOOC and you is governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and each of the parties submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong. The provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods are expressly excluded from this agreement.

Last update: 1 May 2023