Bay window under storage bed with steps

Bay window under storage bed with steps

Bringing the beautiful bay window bed to life. Here's some background storytime.

When our clients Pam and Andy first move in, their renovation team build a queen size bed with an under-storage. But they actually wanted it in real wood, but as usual, the renovation company says there are a lot of downsides to solid wood. It is only true to some extent as no materials are perfect. The team, therefore, built it in a veneer in oak colour. They weren’t 100% happy with it as it’s not made of wood but they lived with it as it’s already made. But what makes it harder to ignore is that the bed is too high to climb onto because of the under storage in addition to their super thick mattress. They also wanted to make good use of the bay windows so that they have more space to walk around in the room.

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