Bespoke - Furniture as High Art

Bespoke - Furniture as High Art

For us, bespoke solid wood furniture is not just a functional necessity, but should also be an artistic expression that integrates seamlessly into our lives. In Hong Kong's prevalent post-property acquisition mindset, interior design often takes precedence, with large sums of money spent on it, leaving only a limited budget for furniture and appliances. This often results in compromising on the quality of daily use objects, with an emphasis on creating a visually stunning environment. This, in our opinion, is a misplaced priority.

During my time living in Europe, I pondered extensively on the popular culture of home renovations. I believe that interior design should be approached from the perspective of the user and furniture design. This led me to create "A New Way to Renovate", which seeks to strike a balance between the two. By establishing a solid and high-quality foundation through interior design, we can unleash our creativity on a blank canvas. While hard renovations cannot be taken with us when we move, furniture can be passed down and become a legacy.

In this particular case, the focus was on three pieces of furniture made of black walnut, as the new premises did not require significant hard renovations.

The Black Walnut Live Edge Dining Table combines a black walnut tabletop with trestle table legs, placed in the center of the dining area and complementing the wall paintings, creating an atmosphere similar to that of an art gallery.

The Hex Puzzle Sideboard is a simple structure consisting of two main sections. The upper part is designed with a wine rack for storage and display purposes, while the lower section is the centerpiece. The two sets of doors are made up of dozens of pentagons that have been cut and pieced together manually, with the height and angle calculated based on Lead Carpenter Janis's experience, resulting in a 3D design with varying heights and depths.

The Enzo Sideboard was introduced separately before. The design focuses on the Live Edge feature and randomness, and the wood design of the top-to-bottom flip door showcases the texture of the original wood. Many customers have expressed interest in ordering the Enzo Sideboard after seeing it on social media. However, the difficulty is not in the structure but rather in waiting for the right wood to become available.

In furniture design, soft furnishings, or renovations, there is still much room for progress, but one thing that remains unchanged is that furniture design is equivalent to creating art for us. Simple and unadorned lines echo the vitality of wood, combining practicality and aesthetics while removing unnecessary embellishments, and faithfully presenting the beauty of the wood grain. Furniture is art, and we should live surrounded by art.

If you are interested in custom-made furniture or interior design services, please feel free to contact us.



大眾的裝修文化是我在旅居歐洲的日子,一直思考的課題,我覺得室內設計,更多可以站於用家及家具設計的立場,所以回來後推出 A New Way to Renovate,從硬裝及家具兩者中取得平衡。利用室內設計,建構一個穩重而有質量的基調,一張白紙,讓我們可以在上面天馬行空,硬裝修在搬家後帶不走,而真正能夠延續傳承的是家具們。


黑胡桃中島 Live Edge 餐桌:將黑胡桃木桌面與 trestle 餐桌腳結合,放置於用餐區的中心,與牆上畫作相映,恍如置身於藝術館中

Hex Puzzle Sideboard:簡單分為上下兩大組結構,上半部設有酒架作儲酒及陳列用途,下半部分是重中之中,兩組對開櫃門以幾十塊五邊形切割與人工拼接,高低的水平及角度統以 Lead Carpenter Janis 的經驗計算,以手工呈現出高低起伏的3D設計

Enzo Sideboard 電視櫃:之前有獨立介紹的 Enzo Sideboard,設計追求 Live Edge 特性及隨機性,木料設計的上下翻門,展現原木質感。很多客人在出 POST 想訂製 Enzo,其實結構不難,難在等待緣份,遇到合適的木材

家具設計,軟裝或硬裝上,我們需要學習進度的空間還有很大,但由衷不變的是家具設計對我們而言等於 creating art。簡潔質樸的線條呼應木頭的生命力,結合實用性與美學,去除無謂的裝飾,忠實呈現木頭紋路的美感。家具是藝術品,而人應該生活於藝術之中。

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