Materials + Productions


LITOOC is co-founded in 2014 by the duo, Gensen Chan and Trazi Chui. With Gensen's over 20 years experience of product development and engineering and quality control management, it results in strict quality control in LITOOC's own creations. With Trazi’s sustainability and creative background, we create products which are beneficial to people and our environment without compromising style and quality. We see ourselves as a personal brand which evolves and improves through the founders’ growth and customers’ feedback. At the end of the day, we want to create positive changes in this industry and leave a legacy.

Our products are made by using North American and European solid hardwood, sustainably sourced from certified forests. We are creating furniture that is going to last a lifetime, and the wood looks beautiful when it is aged.

Deforestation and illegal logging is a severe issue, and we need to take action. As a responsible designer and manufacturer, we educate our customers to take care of our products to last a lifetime. But this is not enough, we take our responsibility at the beginning of the supply chain, not just sourcing for high-quality hardwood, but also from an environmentally friendly certified source. This is the reason why we are proud of our products, it’s not only in the best quality but also the best option for the environment.

Have you ever considered the lifecycle of a product - materials, production, use, care, dispose - every time you want to make a purchase? Not really right? We are here to make people think about how to buy responsibly and consciously with their purchasing decision. We want to provide a greener and better option which is good for our planet, and us. It’s so cliché to say, but every decision we made creates an impact, why not leave a legacy?



We work primarily with natural materials, embracing their unique character and colour as an integral part of the design. These high-quality materials have minimal to no chemical processing and no harmful additives. Our materials are carefully sourced for longevity and the ability to grow more beautiful with age and use. They meet the strictest sustainable criteria.


We work exclusively with sustainably sourced and harvested hardwoods from North America and Europe. We put a minimal restriction on the grain structure of the woods that we use which is vitally essential to reducing waste in the timber industry as often only wood with “ideal” grain structure makes it to market.

White Oak
Honey, caramelized colour. Linear grain structure with longer rays. Traditionally used in heirloom furniture.

Black Walnut
Dark chocolate hue, golden highlights.

Light, clear wood. Near white when raw, oil brings out a slight yellow tone. Deep, pitted grain structure.


Oil/Wax Finish
Our standard wood finish is a premium, organic plant-based oil/wax finish. It contains a sophisticated combination of natural resins and waxes that together penetrate the wood to create a durable, repairable, water repellent, water-mark resistant finish, enhancing and maintaining wood beauty and breathability.

LITOOC Pale Finish
We use a premium, organic plant-based oil/wax finish, painstakingly developed to preserve the delicate, luminous beauty of raw wood. This hand-rubbed finish is water repellent and allows the wood to remain lighter for longer as the wood develops its natural patina through age and use.

Water-based lacquer
We work with a water-based, furniture grade lacquer that is non-toxic, low VOC and environmentally friendly.