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The table is where you have the countless number of warm encounters with your loved ones. For this reason alone, we believe the perfect dining table is simple and sleek, but highly functional and durable. We designed the JOVI table proportionally, with angled edges and the hollow details under the table top, giving an impression of lightness and unusual elegance for a large piece.

As our customers told us they are looking for space saving tables, where chairs can be hidden underneath. We worked hard with our woodworkers to make sure the table legs are slightly titled outwards and near the edges of the tabletop.

The tiniest details matter to us, we make sure you have the perfect meal with your loved ones around the heart of the home – the dining table. And JOVI TABLE is the perfect option, it is now available with the North American White Oak or Black Walnut.

Wood options:
North American White Oak or North American Black Walnut

Made from solid hardwood sustainably sourced from certified forests, with a non-toxic oil/wax finish.

Ordering time:
These products are made to order with a lead time of 40-60 days. Built to custom spec upon request.

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