Scent Notes: Guaicwood, Birch Tar, Amber, Cedarwood

Ingredient: Vegetal wax Coconut oil Fine fragrance Essential oil

Net Weight: 200g

Approximate Burn Time: 50 hours

Finely improved blend of vegetal wax, which burns slowly and gives good scent throw. The new series of inspiring scents filled in the minimal glass containers make a delicate interior object and gift item. Made in SAI KUNG, a quiet sea side outskirt of Hong Kong with high quality vegetal wax in small batch, clean burn, lead-free cotton wick and premium fragrance oil. No added dyes.

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about becandle

BeCandle is artisan candles and scented products brand founded in 2012, their delicately handcrafted candle and fragrance products are produced at their Saikung atelier located at the outskirt of Hong Kong. With the focus in the product quality and sensual experience, they work with talented craftsmen, designers and perfumers who share the same vision of creating a quality lifestyle. Each piece is produced with high-quality vegetal wax, imported fragrances from Europe and other materials.