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#382081 - Full Wall Cabinet

Every time we get asked to design a large piece like this full wall cabinets, storage is always the major request that a client needs. It is challenging to create a massive storage space that doesn’t look bulky and boring since we only work with solid wood. Working with single material is not a bad thing since that’s why our client chooses to work with us is because of the materials that we use. Plus, since ‘Design for ageing with grace’ is what we stand for, we believe solid wood as a natural material can stand the test of time. 

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#382080 - Custom-made Work Desk

A custom-made desk for our returning client.

He first purchased our Pause Chair last Christmas, and after settling in about half a year into his new apartment, he asked us to design a simple work desk based on his favourite Pause chair. ‘Just a simple work desk’ he said, no cords cover, holes for electronics all that stuff. He just wanted us to capture the element and spirt of Pause Chair, with the use of our premium solid oak and natural bare pale wood wax. Sometimes when a client asked for something simple, just too simple, it’s very intimidating and challenging as they know so well about what they want, especially our client is a watch designer himself. 

Huge relieved that we didn’t let him or ourselves down. We love the way he articulates the workspace, with a few essentials to reduce any distractions and focus on what truly matters.

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We like simple things, so we don’t want our work to be overly precious. We want the designs to be pieces that our clients can truly live with, and they will love for years. Pieces that people will love for years and pieces are designed to age gracefully, to wear in, not out.

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