Part 4: Why We Choose Wood Wax Oil





同是實木傢具,用油漆(Varnish / Lacquer) 或木蠟油做塗裝的己經差很遠。用化學物油漆密封,好處是耐磨,防水及容易打理 (原理跟貼皮差不多),但正因為將木材表面封住,難以觸摸木紋。先不談甲醛,油漆也會隨時間老化起泡或裂開,需要由師父將油漆塗層完全磨掉再重新上油,不會是一般普通市民如你我可以自己 DIY 的事。

所以,買實木傢具最好選擇以木蠟油(wood wax oil) 做塗裝。木蠟油是以植物粹取物製成的環保塗層,以天然的油份去滋養木材,蠟質去鎖緊木纖維,從而起到簡單保護作用,同時能夠觸摸到木材的紋理。

保護性及不上油漆,但至少孩子當桌子像畫紙填色刮花,或者打翻紅酒茶咖啡酸鹼性飲品,一般可以用砂紙打磨掉 (是的,落樓下五金舖買張砂紙就搞掂);乾燥開裂可以補木粉,再重新上木蠟油就可以歷久常新。


一般建議客人放膽使用,因為大部分的損傷都可以修補。一件用木蠟油塗裝的實木傢具的 longevity 或可持續性都很長,甚至是一生一世。


We often get asked about the care tips for solid wood furniture. Will it easily get cracked or scratched?

The anwser is Yes. Solid wood doesn't do well with moisture and heat. But of course there're lots of prevention we can do to maintain our solid wood furniture to its best condition.

But if solid wood furniture is that difficult to take care, how come there're still many people obsessed with them?

We think it isn't a huge matter if our wooden pieces get scratched or cracked. But it's important that how easy it can be to fixed it BY OURSELVES. It's a pain to spend a fortune and see our furniture get scratched but we can't fix it easily.

There’re many kinds of finishing and to understand it easily, we simply classify it into two kinds, varnish and wood wax oil. Varnish is a chemical layer to conceal the surface of wood surface so that it’s water and scratches proof (just like veneer). But concealing the surface of wood makes it difficult to feel the wood grain. Also, varnish will also age and crack after a while which needs woodworkers to get rid of the layer of varnish in order to repair. Wood wax oil is a eco-friendly finishing from plant extract. By using the oil to nourish the wood and wax to hold the wood fibre for protection, meanwhile we can still feel the amazing hand touch of wood grain. As mentioned before, wood wax oil is just like loose powder which cannot completely cover up the imperfections of wood, but for the sake of health and environment, it has become a huge trend to use non-toxic wood wax oil.

No matter the furniture is in wood paint or wood wax oil finishing, it must look pretty when we first get our piece. Problem won't show after a period of time when it's being worn. Therefore, we highly suggest customer goes for wood wax oil furniture as it's highly sustainable which can probably serve us for the lifetime.