We Build Pieces to Last a Lifetime


We often get emails or messages from both new or OG customers about how to deal with wood cracks or stains or tips on daily maintenance. Most common damages and the related solutions have already been clearly written on our step-by-step wood care guide and our customers should have received a copy upon delivery (inbox us to get one if you don't have).

As you may know we wear many hats: designer, retailer and manufacturer. We design and build the products, and for sure we fully understand every single material and tool involved in the production process, as well as how the materials react and age with time. This leads to another FAQ - will there be a warranty program? Hell yes for sure! Since day one we start LITOOC, our mission is to build pieces for keeping, with an intention to last a lifetime through proper care. Warranty program is one thing we keep exploring as we believe that is a right thing to do. So lame but also true to say it's all about timing. As soon as everything is ready, both front and back-end, we are more than happy to share the news with you all. It's no point to launch something not well-planned and not well-equipped, then see it fall apart right? We promise this is going to happen. Until that day comes, we need you to be part of it. Whenever you have questions, always come to us and ask. We are not the type of company which sells you a product and walk away. We always have your back.

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