Every Home Has a Story #21 Tai Po Tung Tsz


This customer is one of the OG customers, and she witnesses all the ups and downs we have gone through all these years. We have been to her house for delivery and repairing for many many times. Every time I know I get to meet her, even though we're going through so many messes and challenges, it makes me feel calm and grounded. 

When I get a compliment from a young customer around my age, it motivates me in a way that knowing not everyone can do what they love to do. It is indeed a luxury that we can do what we love for a living, and it always drives me to work extra hard. While we spoke to an older customer with more life experience, what they said to encourage us is an extra push for a more prominent and firmer step. 

Through this entrepreneurship journey, we often feel alone and lonely that no one can understand what we are going through and I am sure we are not the only one. Lots of self-doubt, stress and anxiety, sometimes we are unsure of it's worth. Whenever we come across to someone who admires and loves what we are doing, that compliment means the world. 

Connie, I want to extend to you a heartfelt thanks for your continuous support and trust.




Connie 感謝你一直以來的支持及鼓勵。