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用心護理 延續一生


我們總說:傢具是買來使用而不是陳列,時刻不准這樣那樣避忌著未免辛苦。其實只要選對實木傢具的塗裝,記著幾項實木傢具的 DOs and DON'Ts,大可放膽又放心使用。因為大部分的損傷 — 孩子當桌子像畫紙填色刮花,打翻紅酒、茶或咖啡酸鹼性飲品,甚或是乾燥開裂,無需任何專業技巧都可以「自行DIY修補」。





Wood Care Matters

We often hear people say that solid hardwood furniture is so challenging to take care of, but they fall in love with the feeling and texture. What should they do if they decide to invest in a piece?

Furniture is bought to use not for display, right? It's a real pain to constantly remind ourselves to be extra careful when we use our solid pieces. In fact, if we just choose the right type of finish, and remember a few Dos and Don'ts, taking care of solid wood furniture isn't that hard. Because of the majority of damage like the wood scratches, stains or cracks can be easily repaired without any professional skills.

as a responsible designer and manufacture, our wish is to make good use of expertise and knowledge, to help our customers to have a better understanding of wood, to inspire us to become a conscious consumers. Through care and maintenances to make the solid pieces last a lifetime. 

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- For people who owns or is going to invest into wooden furniture

Wood is an investment that requires time to maintain. Our care guide provides you with daily care tips and repair methods, to make your piece last a lifetime. People who owns or is going to invest into a wooden piece, can benefit from our guide.

+ Daily care tips for precaution 
+ Repair methods for scratches, stains and cracks 
+ A comprehensive guide to maintain your wooden piece at its top condition

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