#181053 - Double Sideboard with Matching Wall Mount Decor Piece

181053-custom-made double sideboard

How We Anchor Custom-made Furniture Onto the Wall⁣

Using expansion bolts is the most common way to anchor heavy furniture piece onto the wall, which is indeed a time and cost-effective; but still to damage a furniture piece in a certain extent, especially you would like to have it passed down to pass on to generations or even bring it to your next new home. ⁣

Keeping sustainability and longevity in mind, we 'invent' our own way inspired by European and American craftsmen by creating two separate wooden magic piece to create an interlocking structure to secure the furniture piece onto the wall safely. It took a little bit extra time in the production and design process, but in exchange, we can minimize the damage and make sure the furniture is in good condition.⁣



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