Difference Between Natural and Pale Finish

我們出品的實木傢具以德國天然 OSMO 木蠟油作塗裝。木蠟油是屬於滲透型的塗料,一滲入就會讓木材產生潤色的效果,依不同木種潤色程度也不一樣,雖是透明色的木蠟油,一樣會有潤色變化。



但其實白橡木 white oak 在未經任何塗裝處理前,外表是很原始,蒼白,加上木紋細緻,密度及硬度高,那是我們一直鍾情使用白橡木作為材料。再加上道德考量,採用的木材都必須達 FAS 級,以及經可持續森林認證,不會隨便轉用其他木種或木材供應商。


一直研究,資料搜集,研發,慶幸在 2017 年中旬,終於調配屬於我們的,獨家的木蠟油配方,就是現在的 pale finish 了。塗上後,同樣的保護性,但解決了白橡木發黃的問題,保留原始,蒼白,簡約俐落的感覺。

每當有關客人問及兩者的分別,除了顏色一種發黃,一種偏白之外,兩者都是採用德國 OSMO 木蠟油。

搭配上,籠統的說,如果你是喜歡日系傢具溫暖的感覺,Natural 會比較適合你。 如果你喜歡簡約 minimal 的感覺,傾向北歐設計,喜歡陽光滿溢的感覺,Pale 會是你的不二之選。

Our solid wood furniture is finished with OSMO, a German-branded wood wax oil. Wood wax oil is a kind of penetration finish, the natural colour of a wooden piece will be enriched once it is applied. Even if the wood wax oil is transparent, it still changes more or less the natural tone.

With regards to white oak wood, once a transparent layer of wood wax oil is applied, it brings out the natural yellowish undertone. That's the finishing we see for the majority of white oak furniture in the market. There's nothing wrong with that as it’s the natural outcome after the application of finish. However, considering the aesthetic and design aspect, we LITOOC prefer the original colour for the woodwork. The primary form of white oak wood is what we fall in love in -  the raw and pale outlook, with subtle wood grains and highly dense.

The people who love pale and light wood will usually go for ash or maple wood, but wood grains for these two are not as delicate as white oak. Moreover, with ethical sourcing as our main concern, it’s not an easy decision for us to switch to a new wood species as we have to make sure the wood is FAS grade and sustainably sourced from certified forests. That’s the reason why we stuck with white oak wood.

We continued to find 'solution' in finishes that keeps its original rawness. After months and months of research and development, speaking with different wood finish brands, suppliers and carpenters, we finally successfully developed our concoction wood wax oil and used this pale finish in our products. Nowadays, we often get asked: "Your white oak pieces are not yellow at all, unlike the other white oak pieces in the market." To answer everyone’s question, this secret pale finish is what differentiate ourselves from the rest, we can maintain the natural colour and rawness of white oak wood.

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