#181035 - Stand-alone Wardrobe


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

This time we were asked to create a minimal and sophisticated stand-alone wardrobe and particularly our client doesn't like seeing the wooden frame. It seems impossible if you understand the mechanism of the way a door open, no matter what type and style of furniture is, the door is either installed inside or outside the frame.

But the fun part is always to overcome challenges. With the simple design goal in mind, we focus on the beauty of clean edge through craftsmanship and the doors placement. Technical-wise, it is indeed the most challenging, walking on a tightrope process, especially we were working with solid wood instead of man-made materials. But we know it is possible if the right hardware is used. After lots of research and million times of experiment, with the massive help from our hardware expertise friend - Mr Kwok, yup we found a special hinge that work perfect with this design. We cannot be happier to be able to achieve the brief and our client adore it so much. We hope this will become a memorable piece, going to pass down to generations.