Believe in serendipity

Believe in serendipity-litooc

Long story alert, but a good one 💛

We met this couple a few weeks ago at our studio, and the husband first came up to me and asked if we offer customer-work services and of course hell yeah we do. And then the wife told me that she has been following our Instagram for a quite a while and really like us (THANK YOU😭). When they bought their first own house, they wanted to visit us and saw if we can work together to build some furniture pieces (ended up we’re doing furniture for their whole house!)

If you’re a highly sensitive introvert like me, you’d understand we know right away if you can get along well or become friends with someone. My instant gut feeling is I REALLY want to work with them even though I don’t know what their requirements were. I dragged da boss/designer from the island side while he was on another site check and arranged our first consultation on the same day. And after the second consultation, they decided to work with us, and no joke we were soooo over the moon.

Either designing our own furniture collection or taking on individual custom work projects gives us joy as we get a chance to create. But this time it was different in a way that this couple is very talented in their own fields, their style, taste and perspective to view things are all so refreshing and inspiring to make us think differently. Working with them make us feel that we’re constantly evolving, learning and growing. The amount of creative freedom, trust, respect or just the overall feeling of ’let us do our own things’ makes us so fulfilled as a creator.

Believe in serendipity, over the past few months I have believed in it more than ever. Things will fall into place for you when they’re meant to, and if they’re not right now, it’s because it’s not quite the right path for you yet. But when the time comes, hold tight, take full advantage, and give your one hundred per cent.