About tailor-made

我們自從四月起接受訂造後,其實收到各式各樣的查詢,倒不如在此詳加解釋,讓有興趣的客人有更全面的理解。 由於產品都是由我們自己設計及生產,基於設計師樽鹽,一開初對訂造有個頗含糊的定義 — 「在不改動外觀的大前題下,基於現有的產品作出間格或尺寸上改動。」 但慢慢地發覺很多時候客人提出的改動其實是改了外觀,而老老實實我們也喜歡也認同也 buy。簡單如,客人買了三個不同款式的鞋櫃書櫃及 sideboard 但希望所有櫃腳統一款式,甚或是 sideboard 的抽屜由三格變成兩格更切合他的收納需要。 綜合兩個月來收到訂造的結論,我們是很隨心很 free style 的,只要喜歡就會做 。所以在此向有意訂造的客人 shout out,不要怕醜在 inbox 問來問去,因為每人對訂造需求不一,我們沒有 model answer。 有興趣的,歡迎拿著你的 floor plan 來跟我們談,我們喜歡這種有互動有input的相處。 *圖中的是 DANN SIDEBOARD 的演化版,比原版多了間格版,少了對門,改了櫃腳。

Since April when we first started taking the tailor-made order, we have been receiving lots of enquiry about literally everything. Therefore, let's have a brief chat about how our tailor-made works in order to let people who're interested to get to know more. As if our products are designed and manufactured by ourselves, and because of the originality, we only take tailor-made orders based on our own designs, which means as long as it doesn't change the outlook of the piece, we can adjust the size and inner layout of the furniture. When we talked to our customer more about what they truly need and wanted, their enquiries actually change the entire look of our designs, the more we talked to our customers. But we do like their ideas and we think it totally works as well. Therefore, it's hard to decide what tailor-made order to take and what not to. We found that as long as we like the concept and enjoy the conversation with our customers, we can totally rock it. Therefore, if you're liking our products and would like to tailor-make your own piece, please come and meet us with your floor plan, have a chat as we love to engage with Y'all.

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