A Heart to Heart Conversation


A heart to heart conversation - 再過幾天 10.18 是我們三周年,藉此分享一下近況。


我們悄悄地更新了網頁及 FACEBOOK 的 About Us 的 Tagline 由 We Share Our Vision For A Better Living 變成 Design For A Sustainable Future。其實要做到完全 fully sustainable 的三項支柱 — people, planet, profit 還有漫漫長路,但至少在現階段做到木材的可持續性,公平生產,教育客人延續產品的生命,繼而下一步是包裝,減少運輸碳排放。


過去半年吃過的虧,捱過的煎熬,都在鋪就一條路,過程雖苦但卻是最美好的一段日子。是運氣,是福份,讓我們認識無數個可愛的人兒,就連每個與我們合作送貨的司機,每次工作結束後,都會對我們說:「你地 d 客好高質好有禮貌。」除了 LITOOC 這個品牌令我們引以為傲之外,有幸遇上你們每位有教養的客人,是我們最大的福份。

如果你在看這段文字,此時此刻我們身處內地工作。最後再次感謝所有客人對我們的耐性和包容,如有問題或訂單查詢請於 inbox 留言,週五回港盡快回覆。

3 days to go til our 3rd anniversary and we want to take this opportunity to talk about some recent changes.

Have you ever have a career, a hobby or anything that you love so much, and you keep having high hopes for yourself to present your best work to the world? You don't feel comfortable to leave the work on someone's hand and you think your work is never good enough but no matter what, you still work your butts off to do your best. Yes, that's how we feel all the time. We want to have full and complete control of what we create, and luckily enough the opportunity comes, we have started our own factory to step up the game.

We have changed our mission taglines on our website 'About Us' from 'We Share Our Vision For A Better Living' to 'Design For A Sustainable Future', haha but I doubted if someone even noticed it. It's still a very long way to go to turn everything into 100% sustainable, but at this stage, we have done our best with what resources that we have, to work on the sustainability of raw materials, domestically produced and consumer education.

I know lots of Hong Kong may have a feeling that environmental issues are quite relevant to us. But when you think deeply, we share the same planet, and if our planet is hurt, everyone on this planet is going to support. It may not be now, but definitely soon. We tried to share and talk here and there whenever we meet someone, and people are actually surprised by the great consumer impact. We believe through education, it will definitely somehow influence one and other to start with some small positive changes.

The over past six months has been tough and rough, but we are still truly grateful for all the hardships because they strengthen us in all kind of ways. And we're most grateful for all the supportive customers and friends around us and you guys really make us woo and proud.

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