The Desire for Improvements


⁣⁣Hello that’s me and our very first container.⁣⁣

You guys know the feeling that you know something will happen one day, but when it actually happened, you cannot believe that kind of strange feeling?

⁣⁣We launched #TEC around last Christmas, and the design was set in stone. But since we have put the ‘prototype’ at our showroom for display, and us actually using it every single day, we noticed there’re few structural, and hardware improvements can be made. To customers who ordered it, excuse us for taking extra time to perfect everything, and we are sure it worths the wait. #TEC is on its way, and we’ll be in touch shortly for delivery.   ⁣

This journey isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but being able to create gives me the purest form of joy to keep me going. Most importantly, we find our worth, being recognised and let us shine the brightest. When it comes to work, keep your head down and do your own thing. You will be the most successful when you’re only comparing yourself to what you’ve done previously. Nothing will motivate you more than that desire for improvement. Instead of failure, regret is my biggest fear that I never want to come across.⁣⁣

Last week I met with a new custom work client, and we discussed the project for 30 mins and spent hours chatting about all sort of life things - housing, career, the humanity you named it. As I wish the best for him of a new chapter of life, I want the best of everyone no matter what you’re going through.  We cannot ask the darkness to leave, but we can always turn on the light.⁣⁣