Every Home Has A Story # 8 OCEAN SHORES


五月初送貨到將軍澳 OCEAN SHORES 客人訂造的是 JOVI 140cm 深度改窄 5cm,搭配的 PAN BENCH 深度改淺 10cm。 空間有限是不爭的事實,這裡那裡偷點位,整體視覺效果已經相差很遠。

就餐桌長度而言每個選擇相距 10 cm,同樣深度有需要改變也可以提出,相信有足夠的彈性滿足不同客人的需要。慶幸收到很多客人的 feedback,高興可以在這找到 mass market 沒有的尺寸。 正因為 made to order 的關係,令我們有能力提供尺寸上的彈性,但相對製作時間長,需要客人的耐心等候,由於訂單量超過我們小工廠的 capacity,貨期已經由以往的 6-8 星期延長至 12 星期,如果需要 asap 的客人只能說聲抱歉。

Hello my friends, here's another customer edit from May to Ocean Shores at Tseung Kwan O. The customers order well well again our JOVI TABLE in the length of 140cm and have the width narrowed down to 75 cm, pair with our PAN BENCH also with the width narrowed down as 10cm. We believe the majority of Hong Kongers are living, struggling and working with limited space. We truly understand the importance of having a tailor-made set, as obviously, one-size-fit-all doesn't quite work with most of us. For dining table, we offer a wide selection on dimension, with 10cm difference on length, and also the width can be changed as well.

By doing so, we hope to provide the flexibility to accommodate different customers' need. Gratefully, we received lots of positive and lovely comments from our customers, saying they really appreciated us providing a wide range of dimension selection, which can be hardly found in the mass market. Because everything from our shop is made to arder, given us the ability to provide the flexibility on dimension. But on the other hand, the production time is relatively long which really needs the patience from our customers.

And again we're so grateful for your support and love, we have been taking way too many orders which is a bit out of our capacity, therefore, the lead time from 6-8 weeks has been prolonged to 12 weeks. With that being said, if you need to get your hands on our furniture urgently, please take our LONG lead time into consideration.