Every Home Has A Story #9 THE GRACES


一對住在天賦海灣又 work from home 的客人到 showroom 購買 EROS CHAIR。通常 weekend 看更大哥長期巡樓中,當樓下無人開門,客人都會打給我們要密碼,未見其人先聽其聲,電話中的徐小姐已經好 cheerful,真人更是散發著 super positive vibe!

閒聊時,客人說看到之前的分享,住在玖瓏山的劉生先買了張綠色 EROS 自用,之後又再買多一張灰色的給住在天賦海灣劉爸爸。引述這客人的真實對話:「既然鄰居都買,我覺得都一定係好野黎。」哈哈哈,哄得我們好開心 :)

約好了晚上送貨,簡單的工作空間,看著幽靜而翠綠的樹木。我們不好意思拍,客人應該從事文字工作,家裡除了有大量書藉之外,還有鋼琴和豎琴,踏進他們的家頓時覺得自己也變得優雅。 當日我問客人你喜歡天賦海灣的環境嗎?客人肯定地答喜歡。別人可能認為不方便隔涉,其實方便的居住點,地鐵上蓋住宅不難找,但再論生活質素、論只求片刻寧靜集中,得到啟發的家,是在城市中難尋。 那天晚上送貨,親身感受到你們家的舒適,希望你們生活愉快,幸福美滿。

Two months ago, a couple who lives in The Grace in Tai Po came to purchase an EROS chair grey for their home office. For most weekends, the security of our building is always absent so our customers usually call us for the password.

Remember when Miss Tsui called, my first impression was 'Wow! She's such a cheerful and bubbly lady with a super positive vibe which I think I would love to meet her.' When she came up with her another half, Miss Tsui shared that she read one of the customer edits that a client living in Dragon Range bought an EROS green and then bought another EROS grey for his father. A real quote from her 'If our neighbour has one, it must be a great product!' Miss Tsui is such a joy to chat with. We deliver the chair during weekdays at night.

We believe our customers work in journalism/translation work or something literature related as apart from piles and piles of books, they have a piano and even a harp which I have only seen once in my life at the 5-star hotel. Being at their home, really makes you really feel so elegant and educated. We asked Miss Tsui do you like living in here as people may think the location is inconvenient? The answer was a certain YES. It's not hard to find an easy, convenient place in Hong Kong to live. But on the other hand, it's difficult to find a quiet, airy and inspiring place we can really call it a home.

It was a pleasure to visit your home and have you as our beloved clients. We truly understand why you are so in love with your place. Wish you good health and happiness every day.