Every Home Has A Story #6 MEI CHUNG COURT

上週日去了客人陳氏夫婦的家 書房 feature 的是被低估了的 eros black,黑色透氣網面配黑色外框乍看平凡,但鋁合金腳的 metallic finishing 就看出與一般的 egronomic chair 的分野。躺在新束束的 eros black 上啤一啤剝下開心果 — 男人的浪漫。

飯廳選了 ALLE TABLE x WINDSOR CHAIRS X 2 + PAN BENCH。ALLE 選了北美白橡再上胡桃木色 finishing (為配合即將推出的新design,此finishing option會於不久將來暫停了)。新版 ALLE 於設計上有少許改良,枱角修尖而枱腳由上至下修窄,整體感覺更簡潔更貼近我們想要的。


我們的 showroom 小,產品種類亦少,基本上一眼己經看盡所有產品。見怪不怪絕大部份 visitors 都會問「係得咁多咋?」大部人對於傢私舖的固有概念就是要有好多好多的選擇。但顯然我們不是要當傢私界超級市場,無法也不想討好大眾,只想專注做好設計和品質,讓喜歡我們的客人可以在一個舒適的空間跟我們聊聊就足夠。

Last week we visited to the CHAN’s family and it has been a while since we last met! Let’s have a look of the study featuring our underrated EROS BLACK ergonomic chair. Breathable mesh with the plastic frames look ordinary, but with a closer look of the metallic finishing wheels, you can tell the difference to a regular egronomic chair. What a perfect Sunday just laying down on your fav chair with a beer!

For the dining room, Mr Chan handpicked our ALLE table in white oak in walnut wood wax oil finishing, paired with Bento Windsor Chairs and a PAN bench. This new version of ALLE table has been improved in terms of the table edges and legs to become slimmer than the old one, which overall projects a clean and sleek feel. The structure of a dining table is pretty simple, one table top plus 4 legs. But to make it user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, trial and error and improvement are necessary.

The whole product development process is long and extremely time consuming, and the outcome is the projection of our growth really. Our showroom is very tiny and our product selection is very limited as well. But to be honest, we are not a furniture type of supermarket and we don’t want to be neither. Our main goal is to create a small collection which is high quality and well-curated which we can be proud of.