Every Home Has A Story #22 One Kai Tak


前幾天分享過 ALLE table 的設計概念,低調而溫柔的一款餐桌。餐桌一直主力宣傳三款,自覺論設計 ALLE 什麼特別,所以沒有宣傳,但又奇怪一直都是 bestseller。喜歡又購買了 ALLE 的客人說,驟眼看起來不起眼,但在外面尋尋覓覓後,發現要找一張正正常常,平實但不老土的餐桌很難,而 ALLE 的恰如其分,正正是他們喜歡的。感到高興是,那些毫不起眼的改動或設計,終於被看見。

ALLE display 的是 L120 版本,對 L135 有興趣的客人,參考以下客人黎生黎太的回相,L135*W75 white oak in natural finish。最近也接了很多經設計師 referrals 的客人,要謝謝設計師同仝人。

ALLE table has always been understated because how subtle it looks. We also haven't mentioned or talked about this table the way we should as well because, at first glance, ALLE isn't 'nothing special'. But after chatting with customers who bought ALLE, they said, in fact, it is so hard to find a table which is a classic but well-made table. That's why they like ALLE because everything of ALLE feels right in a subtle way.

When we do design, the most time-consuming part isn't to come up with an initial idea, but the process of tweaking and changing minor little details. Designers always have a pair of eagle eyes, and we like picking up on ourselves on details that perhaps no one can notice. But this time we are so glad that actually someone can tell the difference. Maybe you cannot describe or say in words what are the differences, but it just feels different.

Special thanks to our customer Mr and Mrs Lai for their purchase and sharing the images.