Every Home Has A Story #19 Villa by the Park


生活的餘裕是來自內心的溫柔,從隔著屏幕的相識,直至面對的交談,我知道我會喜歡你,因為直覺你是溫柔而內心富足的女生。 第一次收到你的訊息,字裡行間寫說道你對我們的欣賞,感覺不止單純因為別人欣賞而喜悅。習慣將事情加入個人情感詮譯的我而言,驅使我花時間,以文字表達對某人某事的欣賞,在下筆之前,傳送的當下,除了是百份百的喜歡,需要的更是勇氣。 之後的午後到訪,談及你心目中理想的伸縮餐桌,先生的魚缸,直到新年前很晚的送貨,電話裡說沒關係,你會等我,統統我都記得。現在靜下來再回頭感受當中珍貴的細碎,始終感激你踏出第一步,選擇我們,為你製作傢具。 溫柔善待我們所處的環境,努力對地球釋出善意,是每個人都需要努力的課題。即使困難再多現實壓力,即使沒有人在看,即使處處碰壁焦頭爛額,能夠誠實的面對自己,心安理得地喜歡自己,是最大的福氣。 我相信,未來,永遠屬於那些勇於敞開的人。

I am always the type of person who likes or bonds with someone by its kindness and gentleness. After reading your first message, I know we speak the same language, living on the same planet (LOL). It's not an everyday thing to get someone compliments and I definitely appreciate every comment from my customers. But for me as a sensitive worrier, when someone (in this case you were a total stranger to me) takes their time and effort to write in words complimenting our work, it means EXTRA A LOT MORE than verbal compliments. It takes more than time, but also the courage to draft the message and send it out. (Am I making any sense here, hope so...) When I was just writing this post, all the memories flashing back. I am utterly grateful to you, to take the initiative to spend your time to know us and choose us to create furniture pieces for you. THANK YOU lady xxx I truly believe it's everyone responsibility to build a better world, no matter how big or small step you take. Through the journey of building LITOOC as a sustainable brand, there're so many scary challenges, but I never think of giving up or lowering our standard. Do the right thing even when no one sees - being honest to my true self and do the right things are my biggest drive. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams