Every Home Has A Story #17 Tung Chun Court


初次認識朱先生,跟大朱生一起來,一心來看 NOLAN table,幸好在你看過無數傢具已冷感後,我們沒有令你失望。 每當有長輩出現,不論飲茶食飯甚至買傢具,都會上演爭埋單的戲碼,父母肉赤兒子賺錢辛苦,而我又肉赤爸爸賺錢都好辛苦。一向不給折扣的也折了折,爸爸媽媽溫情牌是我的弱點,現在大家知道了。 因為朱生和父母住在附近,送貨當晚大家都聚在一起,很可愛的準備試用新餐桌開飯。 還是頭一次送貨熱鬧又混亂,細細粒的妹妹坐在餐枱上吃生果,滴到一枱都是汁,哥哥在餐椅餐桌間爬上爬落,Gensen 跟朱生朱太講解保養日常注意事項,朱生的媽媽一直搭著我肩膊說「張枱真係好靚,哎呀你好靚女呀,又咁後生咁本事。」哄得本宮漫步在雲端,還非常好客請我們一同吃飯。 想起你們一家人的可愛,一邊寫,一邊嘴角上揚像癡漢對著螢幕笑。 因緣際會,遇上一個又一個可愛客人,友善包容相待,這些美好回憶,推動我們往下一個路口闊步前行。

We first met Mr Chu back in July 2017, coming along with his father to specifically check out our NOLAN table. We had quite a long chat about his journey of searching for new furniture on the market. We knew how exhausting and nerve-wracking it was to search for the furniture which is right to your style, materials, sizes, budget, lead time blah blah blah... just too many things to consider. Luckily thanks for the internet, we met each other and also we were glad that our products didn't let him down. I guess probably is the Chinese culture thing, parents or the older generation always fight for paying the bills in any circumstance. This time was also the same case. What we appreciate and impress the most is their father and son relationship - close, honest and open bonding. Flashback to the delivery day, it was such a chaotic but fun experience. I knew it was weird to say that but trust me, it was really interesting if you can imagine the following. Mr Chu's younger daughter was still a toddler and she was indeed the cutest creature in the world. She was sitting on the brand new dining table, eating berries with the juices everywhere, while their son (also super cute, oh my god) was climbing up and down in between the table and chairs. While the kids were out of control, Gensen and the Chu's couple was talking about wood care/maintenance all that fun stuff, and Mr Chu's mom was very friendly and kept saying how gorgeous the table is, at the same time, kept praising how young and amazing I was to have my own career and business. (made me all over the moon LOL) Thinking of all these old memories, and typing it out by words out here on the blog put me a big smile. Indeed I just love this family so so much. I know it's very lame, but really is the universe playing its magic so that we can have such a considerate and supportive group of customers. These close relationships and fun memories are always the motivations for us to strive for better.