Every Home Has A Story #13 BOZZWEDDING's STUDIO


這位 videographer 客人剛搬 studio,想為新工作空間添置一套餐枱,見客開會,或者日常用餐也合理。本身偏愛淺木色,選擇了白橡木為主材,150cm JOVI + 120 PAN BENCH + KOTI CHAIRS x 2。

當時貨期兩個月,趕不及開張吉日,所以客人選擇了 studio display 的 JOVI,我們再借出 PAN BENCH 作開張用,等兩個月一換一補回新做起的 bench。中間發生一段小插曲,我們再重新做了一張 JOVI 補回。 前後送貨兩次,第一次送貨還未收拾好,最後一次送新貨時,studio 已經改頭換面。 這輯相片是我厚面皮的逼他拍,他是超級 sweet 的大好人,他說即使我不叫他也會自己拍照出 POST。 初次看到這載照片,除了單純覺得 Interior Styling 用心漂亮之外,最重要是感覺很像他。跟他的相處雖短暫,發覺他是溫柔又平和的人,這輯相片及整個空間都散發著他的感覺,承載著他對生活的看法,對理想的追求。 Bosco 我們要感謝的不止是這輯相片,還有你的支持和體諒,感激在心中,祝匡匡快高長大,一家幸福快樂

photo courtesy: Bosco, founder of BOZZwedding

This edit is about our customer Bosco who's the founder of BOZZWedding, a production company. He recently moved to a new studio space and was looking for a dining set which is pretty much all-purpose as a dining and meeting set. He gravitates towards to light wood color with a natural feeling, that's why he ended up picked our JOVI table in 150cm in white oak (surprise surprise), paired with Pan Bench in 120cm and 2 KOTI chairs. The lead time was two months at that time and it couldn't catch his grand opening. Therefore, he decided to go for the JOVI table which was displaying and then we replace with the new ones once they're done. These photos were taken by Bosco and this is very sweet of him to support us by taking photos and letting us use. I was kind of joking about I forced him to do it. But honestly, he's such a genuine and generous person which we're lucky enough to have him as our customer.

Bosco, if you're reading this, you know we're truly grateful and thankful for all your support and patience. Wish you all the best x

photo courtesy: Bosco Shum, founder of BOZZwedding