Every Home Has A Story #10 GRAND YOHO


從開業到現在,心底有個名單,記著某幾位對我們意義重大的客人,這次分享的是其中一位客人。 那次到你家送貨時我們聊著,先生跟你說我們會寫客人的故事,想說自己很靜,也跟我們沒有什麼互動,不會被寫。

陳小姐,你是我們感謝名單其中一位。 每次與你聯絡,無論是前期溝通,到後來更新進度,到最後趕著在除甲醛前安排送貨,臨走時給我們的利是,你總是帶著無窮無盡的禮貌和耐性。我們比原定晚了一星期送貨,你沒有怪責我們,倒是說是自己不好,因轉了賬但忘記跟我們確認,導致晚了下單。

'Always put yourself in other people's shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it will probably hurt them too.'

但從你身上,我們看見了體諒,也在我們最荒亂的時候帶給我們溫暖。 還記得你說在其他店買了幾萬塊的傢具,服務沒有我們好,也沒有教我保養,有時候付錢買的不只是產品,還有信任。當下我們只是笑著沒有回應,現在把思緒梳理好,想說是因為你的善良和體諒,我們才有信心付出更多。 成長過程中有太多事情能弄壞一個人,被壞價值觀潛而默化,相信這個社會和人的本質都是壞,弄著弄著,也把自己弄壞了。我們也慣性把自己放在低處,被教育成當別人有不滿時,不論誰是誰非,別解釋,先道歉就對了。但因為你願意走出第一步,讓我們連接上原本那個單純的自己,連上自己,才能連上別人,然後完成自己。

PS:每次寫到最後產品都不是重點,但老闆規定循例要 plug-in 一下。這款 EMIL tv cabinet 已經做了無數個,客人訂的是全白橡木,德國 railings + soft closed hinges。我們在倉裡驗貨時較暗,送到客人有陽光照射下,細節地方愈做愈細緻,簡單如一個螺絲孔也比以前做得更乾淨俐落,馬上要讚一下師父,但他被我們罵得多,條件反射下是嚇倒他了。


Since we first started LITOOC, there's sort of a gratitude list to mark down who we are grateful for. And today we are honoured to share one of the them with you. Hi Miss Chen, remember we had a chat about your husband told you that we write about customer stories and share within our social networks? You told us that you guys are so quiet and didn't engage much with us, so you don't think you'll become one of our stories. But actually, you're one of the customers among all, we are truly grateful for what you did to us.

'Always put yourself in other people's shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it will probably hurt them too.' You're such an understanding darling, who shaded lights on us during our rough time. You shared with us, you spent a fortune on other brands but didn't get the service like what we did. And most of the time customers are paying not only for the product itself but also a pleasant shopping experience and trust. At that moment, we smiled without saying any words. But when we're writing this post and have our thoughts put together, we thought it was because of your kindness and understanding, we are willing to give more.

When growing up, there're so many things can mess up one's mind. We are all being influenced by these negative values, messing up our minds, believing human beings are naturally bad. Being generous to the others is a stupid act. So are we. We are told that when someone complains, just say sorry no matter what, just apologise. But thank you, Miss Chen, it's you reminding us to always be kind to the others, be understanding, be a person with a great heart who always put ourselves in other people's shoes. We're truly thankful to have you as our customer.

PS: Every time when it comes to the end, the product itself isn't the highlight, but here's a small plug-in. In this sharing, the customer ordered our EMIL TV CABINET in white oak with German-made railings and soft-close hinges. Hats off to our wood masters that they have a huge improvement on details and finishing.