Every Home Has A Story #7 CHUN MAN COURT


Best relationship: Talk like best friends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like brother and sister.'

這對客人,太太一頭短髮,個性好 layback 隨和,先生爽直有禮,同樣與我們是做廠,更能將心比己明白箇中難處,還有一手一腳建立自己事業的滿足。 來了 showroom 兩次,第一次因為當時未有開放訂造,第二次再訪是我們從 inspection trip 回來在 Facebook 公佈了會接受訂造。

跟這對夫婦身處在同一空間下,會感覺到他們之間的相處充滿活力,猶其記得先生對太太說:「四眼仔,你過黎睇下依個好靚呀!」。兩個人之間沒有隔閡,走得貼近彼此,是牽起手來不用多說的默契。這是理想的 couple goal。

客人鍾情黑胡桃木,選擇了 EMIL TV CABINET 是因為喜歡它木材「雙拼」的設計,整個櫃身採用黑胡桃木,櫃面及櫃腳選擇白橡木作對比。tv cabinet 是放在主人房作儲物用途,在陽光映照下份外溫暖。 最近收到窩心又有趣的 feedback。

客人對於我們所寫的 customer edit 既緊張又期待,一來緊張自己對我們很 cool,二來擔心自己不太有趣,我們有沒有題材可寫。 對於寫 customer edit 一事,在安裝時會問准客人可否拍照及 share 到 facebook,答應了的客人也不知道我們會寫什麼。寫的 customer edit,則重的是人,而不是物件本身。傢具款式固定,反而是用家賦予生命,演活了傢具本身。 活在這來去來去匆匆的社會,加上生活本身有太多細碎要處理,連與朋友家人相聚的機會也少,更遑論有機會跟陌生人交談。所以我們更想以這文字練習,記錄與客人短暫交集的回憶,雖然萍水相逢,但希望透過文字的力量為彼此帶來溫暖。

'Best relationship: Talk like best friends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like brother and sister.' Remember when we first met this couple, the layback and chilli personality of the wife and the decent husband also worked in manufacturing industry really impressed us. We talked and clicked since then.

Being in the same room with them, seeing all their interactions really made you feel the dynamic and strong connection of two of them. The husband called the wife a fun nickname, they joked about each other and really enjoyed each other company. This is such an ideal couple goal.

With the love of black walnut wood, they picked our EMIL TV CABINET, with a mixed of white oak for the cabinet top and black walnut for the body. Rather than putting TV, they simply used it as general storage at their master bedroom. With the sunlight, it highlights the beauty of the piece.

On a side note, we got some interesting and sweet comments from our customer lately. She told me that she really look forward to our customer edits but at the same time she's nervous about that. She's worried that she's boring person or not being friendly enough to us so that we have no content to write about. After hearing from her, we felt really thrilled by the support and excitements from our customers.

We started 'The Customer Edits' without any expectation that we're going to get anything from it. We started it simply because we love observing human beings, and write about them. Everyone is so busy, and we have so much on our plates to deal with. We don't even have enough time to spend with our friends and family, not even mention talking to people around us every day. That's the reason why we're so passionate about this project.

With the power of words, record every trivial but memorable interactions between us. Through our words, you can notice things that you won't know about yourself. We believe everyone is special and we really do.