Every Home Has A Story #3 SKY TOWER

Yesterday we delivered the dining set to our favourite customer Miss Ching who placed her order back in March (yup it takes 6-8 weeks, but it's all worth) Here with a few images from a different angle as the reference / The combination of JOVI table x PAN bench X POCKET chair X KOTI chair

Miss Ching ordered 130cm JOVI paired with 120cm PAN bench. Many of our customers always requested to shorten the bench when they first visit us, however, we also always counter propose not to make the bench too short. In general, a 110-120cm bench can fit 3 people. Our PAN bench is wider than the normal benches you can find in the market which totally is our design idea for the sake of comfort and also the total look and feel. If you make the bench too short, it loses the functionality of the bench and also the decent feel. Shout out from our wood expert team

'Don't get stuck about pulling the bench pull in and out parallelly, you can also pull the bench underneath the table slightly tilted.' Exactly, we can store the bench by pulling it slightly tilted. Funny and cute that every time we talked to our customers, their reaction is 'Oh right, I have never thought of that!' Come talk to us, we can always brainstorm together for a better solution.

昨天送貨給我們最喜歡的程小姐 送上幾張不同角度燈光的照片 / JOVI TABLE x PAN BENCH X POCKET X KOTI 的配搭

程小姐訂的是 130cm JOVI table 及 120cm PAN Bench。很多客人一開始都會要求將 BENCH 改短到可以直出直入收到枱下,而我們通常都會反建議不要改得太短, 110-120cm 的 bench 可以容得下3位中等身型的人,我們的 PAN BENCH 比一般市面上長凳較闊且足料,拿上手是非常非常的沉,如果改得太短一來失去bench的功能性同時欠了點大體。所以就連我們的老師父都叫我們向人 shout out「別糾結一定要直收桌下了吧,斜一點進不就行了嗎!」 對的,打斜放同樣可以收到桌下嘛,很多客人跟我們談完之後就忽然間不再執著直出直入的迷思 —「呀,我又真係無諗過可以打斜入」很可愛的說。