Every Home Has A Story #14 SUN TSUI ESTATE



當天李太跟先生一起來,摸一摸 JOVI 的木材, 試坐了幾張餐椅,走到我身旁,非常客氣有禮貌地拿出電話給我看,說要訂 ALLE table。當時現場是沒有 ALLE display,鮮有客人沒有看過傢具實物就下單,當時有點反應不過來。但李太已經做足功課,一句也沒有問訂造和不同 finishing 的詳情,就直接告訴我她想要 alle table 120 x 60 in pale。 送貨時又聊,客人說市面上有太多實木傢具,自己也找了很久,最後選擇我們,是因為我們的詳細,清楚自己在做什麼。 嗯,這是我聽過最大的讚美。


這個年代所有事來去匆匆,少人做實事;即使你想專注地做好一件事嗎?也絕對不容易,經過幾年間的浮沉,深切明白這種身不由己,不得不向現實低頭的無奈。 慶幸現實善良對待,客人支持,家人朋友及合作夥伴扶植,才能走到這步。 年月洗刷,經驗累積,對自己專長認知和自信,了解自己在走一條怎樣的路,不自覺又自信的說出「有問題回來找我」,別人看得見體會到,是我們 2017 最大的禮物,2018 繼續努力成為更好的自己。

李太:每一次對話結束,你都一定會說:「感謝你的用心。」說到用心,我們是不知醜的照單全收,但每次被你這樣說,我都會懷疑是你太客氣 (笑)。直到你說「謝謝你們,現在的家很圓滿。」謝謝你選擇我們,能夠讓人感到圓滿,是我們本份,也是福份。下次送 stool 時再聚,打擾了 (笑)

When we first met Ms Lee, she came along with her husband. After sitting on few chairs, feeling the texture of our wooden pieces, Ms Lee came up and told me that she would like to order ALLE table, which was not on display at that moment. I was a bit shocked as there aren't that many customers would place an order without seeing the product in real life. But my gut feeling was Ms Lee was well prepared because she didn't ask a single question about prices and finishes.

When we met the second time on the delivery day, Ms Lee shared she was on the hunt for solid wood furniture for quite some time, and there're so many and perhaps way too many options on the market, which was hard to make up her mind. She ended up choosing us because we are so detailed - our brand and also our product, which makes us a convincing and trustworthy. That was the greatest praises I have ever heard of.

This conversation with Miss Lee reminded me the story of my new-in plants. Okay, about a year ago, I bought a few plants for the purpose of beautifying our studio and I didn't know much about plants, to be honest. Ending up those plants attracted many bugs which were an annoying thing. After trying many methods that I found on google, the bugs issue was still going strong. By chance, I found some sort of floral / plants shop and I had a long chat with the shop owner and he taught me so much about plant care and maintenance. When I was about to leave, he said 'come back if you have any questions, nowadays people selling plants wouldn't teach you how to take care of them perhaps they didn't know how themselves. Today they sell plants, tomorrow they will sell clothes. Whatever makes money, they will go for it.' Things come and go so fast, and we are not good at being focused. We always have so many things to do, and there're so many distractions in our lives.

Being focused and only working on one thing seems to be a luxury. As the year goes by, we are truly grateful for what we have and what we learnt. It takes so much time, courage, and practise for us to realise our strength and weakness.