Every Home Has A Story #16 Oceania Heights


大概 2015 年剛轉型做家居傢具,當時環顧四周同行賣的都是四方或長方餐桌,但因為本身家裡都是用圓桌,所以執意設計一張圓桌,線條結構簡單但不老土的來試試水溫 — Bento Round Table。

果然推出大半年也無人問津,年多前索性將這陳列賣掉 (hello 謝先生👋🏻) 問問選擇 Jovi / Nolan 的客人為何不考慮 round table,大家都不約而同說地方淺窄需用盡每寸空間,四方或長方餐桌可靠牆放,創造多一個靠邊放咖啡機或者多士爐等小家電。

明白的,人們大概被現今「設計」洗腦式地貫輸無時無刻 maximizing your space,但其實圓桌的留白,正是小空間所需要的和諧。這張圓桌仍然是我的 soft spot,當初的情意結,始終希望會有人賞識。

直到去年大概九月,初次於 studio 認識這對客人,聊了很多關於設計及裝修大小事,最後他們應該是被我們的熱誠及 white oak pale finishing 深深的 impress (撥頭髮)。人越大才發覺時間寶貴,不願虛耗於無關痛癢的人以及 gossipy small talk 上,能夠有緣份認識這兩位木咀,一直聊一直點頭表示認同 bond and click so well,我們的相識毫不誇張確實令我高興得轉圈。

事隔半個月,小木咀 inbox 發來一張 bento round table 的舊照要下單,當時我內心吶喊 omg,發夢也沒想過因為他們再次製作 round table,即使未看過實物,但因其他傢具的手工和設計而對我們有信心。

他們都有一直分享設計靈感,擺位,傢具等,一月底送貨到過新居替他們高興,一切細節都 nicely put together,每件傢具及飾品都經過精心挑選,來自各國設計師的之手,我們的餐桌有幸代表香港,能夠在你們新居佔一席位,再收到大木咀親手拍下的照片和兩位的留言,It really truly means the world。


Bento Round Table 經過兩位木咀開光後變成了 invisible products,陸陸續續有客人下單 (因為 preview 過大木咀拍得非常之 Pinterest + Instagrammable 的 mood shot 後都相繼下單)。這款餐桌我們應該會一直做 (秘密地),始終是情意結,接下來新 collection 會有 round table,因為我任性地認為自己家裡用圓桌,大家都要用 (笑)。

Back in 2015 when we switched our business from office solution projects to home furniture design, we found that the industry didn't have much roundtable designs. However, because myself uses roundtable, therefore I really wanted to create just a simple but classy roundtable to test the market - Bento Round Table.

Not a surprise, the roundtable was launched for over half a year with a very low enquiry rate. When we spoke to our customers who purchased JOVI or NOLAN why didn't they consider a roundtable and lots of time said that a square or rectangular dining table can maximise their space. It creates an extra edge/surface against the wall. 

It makes total sense and I can absolutely understand. But I feel nowadays we are constantly told that we need to maximise our space, but really do we need that much space, and sometime unnecessary spaces? That's why I love round table because it adds blank space which in turns give a harmonious feeling to our home. 

Long story short, we first this couple/client in September 2017 at our studio and through our first met we talked so much about interior designs and renovations. As an introvert, it is an amazing thing for me to click and bond so well, which makes me especially cherish our relationships. 

A month later, this customer sent me a photo of our almost forgettable Bento Roundtable and she would love to place an order even though she hadn't seen it in real life. We are so honoured to have their trust, and most importantly have our piece in their well-designed and curated home, especially their home is so full of renowned international designer pieces. That truly means the world to us.

This beautiful Pinterst and Instagram-worthy photo was taken by this amazing customer. Isn't it so lovely.