Every Home Has A Story #15 TAIKOO SHING


「對人好,別人不一定會對你好」 — 大概我們都被現實狠狠地教訓過 'It takes grace to remain kind in the cruel situation.' 別因為別人對我們不好而本末倒置,我由衷相信,時刻本著善念待人,付出莫望回報,其實是自身教養及品格修行 劉華說顧客永遠對的,我不同意。但面對前來的每一位客人,做足一百分是本份,是對自己專業的尊重。

姑勿論對方反應如何或是覺得理所當然,做好本份問心無愧 這次分享的是 my lovely customer / angel - Sharon 八月至十月間對我們來說是一場惡夢,每天不同突發事情,不會出錯都能出錯,混亂到一個點,每天起來深呼吸,對自己說 just let shit hit us,煮到埋來就食吧。

這位女生除了心地好像佛祖天使一樣,最感激的是她無條件的信任,光是這點我會掏心掏肺為她做足二百分甚至更多 送貨後四個多月了,窩心是能夠擁有一段仍然會繼續 inbox 吹水的關係,沒有誇張的我時刻感恩大概上輩子我不停扶阿婆過馬路修來的福份,這輩子有幸賺了你們一班天使般的客人。謝謝我的太古城 Sharon

I believe we all have experienced the situation that you treated someone well, but that person doesn't treat you the same way you want him or her to be. This quote 'It takes grace to remain kind in the cruel situation.' really gets into my head every time I get frustrated by someone's act. I constantly remind myself be nice and be kind no matter how cruel the situation it is, because this is what a decent human would do and I want to be a decent human. After the introduction, this edit is dedicated to my beloved customer Sharon. from Last August until October was a complete nightmare for our brand because of the factory expansion and all the related issues. Everday there was something new to go wrong. The whole situation was so out of control, basically every day we just let shit hit the fan and play by ear. But this lovely customer Sharon was always kind like an angel and I am genuinely grateful for her unconditional trust. It has been four months since we last met, and I still feel so warm to have a relationship that can last til now. Thank you for everything Sharon.