Every Home Has A Story #12 LI CHENG UK


七月份送貨到李鄭屋客人,訂造的是 Alle Table + Pan Bench + Bento Chair。 當時 white oak 上胡桃木色還未取消,現在喜歡深色木材的朋友要選購黑胡桃木。送貨時客人尚未入伙,客人叫我們隨意擺,Bench 訂造到能收進枱下,也可以放置於 hallway 作換鞋凳。

ALLE 算是 4 款餐桌中最平凡的,坦白說是不起眼,當初推出時我們也擔心這點。但慢慢發現越來越多客人選擇 ALLE,尤其小家庭或小飯廳。有限空間,再多設計都只是累贅。其實所有餐桌都可以訂造尺寸,但其他款式改得太小感覺小家又不順眼,相反 ALLE 是唯一縮小放大比例也合理,ALLE 的優勝之處是大抵是平實 classic。

始終每款餐途有自己存在的目的,PARTI 偏向是大飯廳的 feature piece,當代設計當飯枱加工作空間也合理,JOVI 優雅不造作配合喜歡自然簡樸的設計,NOLAN 最受年輕 couple 或男士歡迎,專門改窄當書桌。再加上現在 white oak 有 natural + pale 兩種 finishing,喜歡 minimal 乾淨感可選 pale,喜歡溫暖感又有 natural。

Flashback to July, we delivered a dining set included an ALLE table pairs with a pan bench finishing up with 2 bento chairs to our customer at Li Cheng Uk. At that moment, we still had the option of having walnut colour finishing in white oak wood. But now for those who love a dark colour, you can choose our black walnut wood.

On the delivery date, the house was still being furnished so our customer just asked us randomly rest the pieces. We shortened the bench so that it can be stored underneath the dining table to save space, and it's also a perfect size to put in the hallway for changing shoes. Let's move on to the ALLE table, which is a very minimal and simple solid wood table.

To be frank, the design is a bit ordinary, not very bright at all. But surprisingly, this is one of our most bestselling tables, especially for small space. We totally get that when you work with a small space, too many designs or details actually is a burden. And what we love the most about ALLE is, no matter how we tailor the size, the proportion is always right and it always looks good. Classic always wins.

We are very pleased with our current table collection, as each of them has their own purpose, serving a specific group of customers. PARTI is definitely a contemporary feature piece works seamlessly as a dining table or desk. JOVI is for people who love natural and minimal with an elegant touch, while NOLAN is definitely gentlemen's' cup of tea as it gives a stylish and tough feeling. Now with a new finishing for white oak which is called PALE, it works really well for people who love Scandi and hygge style.