Every Home Has A Story #11 MA WAN


馬灣劉小姐訂造 JOVI TABLE 及 PAN BENCH。其實客人先後來過兩次,我們對上 channel 的一刻,在最後一次下單時,談到 made in china 這話題。客人分享說其實 KOTI 這款餐椅外面賣到「成行成市」,款式差不多,但摸上手就知道有分別,QC 做得好。這年頭絕大部份產品都是中國製,但又怎樣呢,最重要做好品質和安全管理。當下一刻我們覺得「嗯,終於有人明白。」

實木傢俱如餐桌及 organisers 都是由我們自生產,但始終能力資源有限,有三款餐椅要向其他廠「攞貨」,因為本身開廠關係,對 quality control 已有一套標準。即使買版「攞貨」也理所當 然以自己的準則,去要求 其他廠家達到我們的要求,而不是「將貨就價」找成本低利潤深的產品回來。所以即使驟眼同款的「 淘寶 貨」,我們所選中的的始終不同,看細節見真章,木材、 五金配件,或是 upholstery 布料也是達到出口指標。

客人北上買了兩張餐椅,實際收貨跟現場看實物有出入,椅腳木材參次,沾上了不知名的白點,臨走前看不過眼幫客人磨走再上木蠟油,但總括來說這椅子其實已經不算差,只是山長水遠看過實物,買回來還是有所出入,想到這裡有點不忿。 將心比己換轉自己是消費者,貨比三家實屬平常,自己做過 research 後心中有價,如果知道店家本身 QC 好但賣 貴幾舊,錢是值得被人賺。

Everything happen s for a reason,「貴幾舊 」背後為無省卻很多 intangible cost 及走少了冤枉路,到頭來其實是自己賺了。 臨走前跟劉小姐開玩笑說,待兩張餐椅報銷後,要再回來跟我們買餐椅

This week we wanted to share the story of Miss Lau from Ma Wan, featuring our JOVI table and PAN bench. Recalling my memories, Miss Lau visited us twice but when we really clicked and started chatting endlessly was when somehow we touched on the topic about Chinese-made products. Miss Lau said the KOTI chair which we have was all over the market, but after a good search, she realised our KOTI chair is different in terms of the hand feel of the fabric, overall materials and finishing of the chair.

She shared nowadays most of the products on the market is Chinese-made which no longer bothers her, but what she cares the most is the quality and safety control of the products, which we totally on board! Just a bit more sharing - most of the solid wood furniture like dining tables and organisers are completely manufactured by us at our own factory.

But to be frank with the limited manpower and resources, we are not able to make all types of products by ourselves, which we especially mean our existing chair styles. There're 3 styles of the chair we sourced from other factories which because we run our factory as well, just naturally we will request other factories to produce the products up to our own standard. It means we never source a single product because its cost is the lowest, instead, we source products at the highest cost but with the best quality as well.

Miss Lau shared she went to China to purchase two dining chairs (which you can sort of see in the photo x). But the products she received was different from what she saw on site at the mall, the quality wasn't great at all. For people who're going to purchase products from China, even you buy at the store instead of online, please please please pay extra attention to the quality and integrity of the shop owner.

We are consumers as well, we understand it's all natural to compare prices before making any purchase. But beyond the prices, they're so many intangible things that you cannot justify. Always purchase from a shop which has good review and reputation and most importantly, had a supreme quality and safety control.