The Desire for Improvements

⁣⁣We launched #TEC around last Christmas, and the design was set in stone. But since we have put the ‘prototype’ at our showroom for display, and us actually using it every single day, we noticed there’re few structural, and hardware improvements can be made. To customers who ordered it, excuse us for taking extra time to perfect everything, and we are sure it worths the wait. #TEC is on its way, and we’ll be in touch shortly for delivery.   ⁣

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At Home With Dr Christina Dean

In the first episode,  we are ‘At Home With...’ Dr Christina Dean, the Founder and Board Chair of Redress, Co-Founder and CEO of The R Collective, and Author of Dress [with] Sense. She was voted one of the UK Vogue’s Top 30 Inspirational Women. The reason why I have Christina as my first guest is because she was my first boss after I graduated from university. It is not crazy to say, she had a huge influence on me and shaped me into the person I am today.

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At home withTrazi.C
Difference Between Natural and Pale Finish

Our solid wood furniture is finished with OSMO, a German-branded wood wax oil. Wood wax oil is a kind of penetration finish, the natural colour of a wooden piece will be enriched once it is applied. Even if the wood wax oil is transparent, it still changes more or less the natural tone.

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Wood 101Trazi.C
Every Home has a Story #23 Kam Tsin

We have met each other ages ago and it requires me some of my brain power to think about how we met. It was a weekday morning, we scheduled a meeting via email or Facebook, and this girl came here well prepared with her floor plan of the new house. We just sit down and talked and talked from furniture at the very first beginning to all sort of random life things.

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