key FEATURES of the extentable collection

What are the biggest differences between The Extentable Collection with other extendable tables out on the market?


#TEC is designed for the Hong Kong market. Rounded edge timeless design which is safe for the children and elderlies. Instead of splitting in the middle, the table extends on one side for space saving and seamless aesthetic. For a hassle-free installation, you can screw on the legs at the brass decorative gasket without the need for any tools.


The table seamlessly extends from 130cm, 165cm, to 200cm. No extra extension leaf is needed to pull out from the table or stored separately. You can decide how long you want to extend the table just by pulling from one side.

Materials and Finishes

#TEC is made of 100% solid German oak without any particle boards, MDF or Melamine. This is uncommon compared to the majority of the extendable tables out in the market. The wood wax finishing we used on #TEC is natural, food safe and repairable. It’s also our exclusive formulation to maintain the rawness and natural colour of the white oak. Our pieces give a minimal, clean and sleek feeling, unlike other white oak pieces in the market that has a yellowish and warm tone.



Who designed The Extentable Collection (#TEC)?

As a Hong Kong-based furniture design studio, we always wanted to create an extendable table that truly fits Hong Kong's living environment. During our research phase, it made perfect sense for us to ask our audiences, the end user, on what their expectations and requirements of an extendable table are. We sent out a questionnaire and we were thrilled to receive many answers that have been tremendously helpful for our product development. #TEC is 100% created in Hong Kong by our co-founder Gensen Chan, but we cannot take full credit of it as it was co-created with our amazing followers.

Why is it called The Extentable?

Sustainability is our core value and we create things that can last a lifetime. With this in mind, we want #TEC to be THE only table that fits in all stages of our lives, ages, and purposes. This heirloom combines the functionality, utility, sustainability, and craftsmanship you are looking for. That’s why we called it The Extentable as we want it to be the only one.

Who shot the short film and photos of #TEC?

The beautiful short film was shot by German Cheuk, founder and director of Oh Deer Production (LINK) and alongside the dance was choreographed by two professional dancers Ling Tse (LINK) and Yip Chan. For our image visuals, it was shot by Sing Chow, founder and photographer of The Loft Studio. We are honoured and proud to work as a team with these local talents.



#TEC is made of 100% solid wood - what does it mean?

#TEC is made of 100% solid German oak, from head to toe. We wanted to put it out there because the definition of ‘solid wood’ is very vague in Hong Kong’s furniture industry. Some brands claim wood veneer is solid wood products because it is made out of real wood. Other claim the label when the extendable table is made with a solid wood frame, with MDF or melamine table top and extension leaf. For the sake of transparency, we wanted to make a clear statement and make sure that our customers know what they are paying for.

Where is #TEC made?

#TEC is made in Vietnam by our partnering factory, they have over 60 years of experience in furniture manufacturing, especially in extendable tables with premium hardware. Their products export to the US and Europe. Their extensive knowledge of wood and expertise in woodworking makes our #TEC even more amazing!

How much does #TEC weight and its max loading capacity?

The net weight of #TEC is 55 kg. With the German-made steel slide rails we used, the maximum loading capacity when it’s fully extended is up to 60kg.

How to install and uninstall #TEC? Will it be difficult?

We considered everything we could when creating #TEC, not to mention assembly and disassembly. The installation of #TEC is very easy and simple.  You can screw on the legs at the brass decorative gasket without the need for any tools.

What is the finishing?

Like the majority of our wooden furniture pieces, #TEC is finished off with plant-based, organic, non-toxic and repairable wood wax. We used our exclusive wood wax formulation to maintain the natural colour and rawness of white oak wood. Our white oak is not yellowish unlike the other white oak furniture in the market.



How to take care of #TEC?

#TEC is finished off with natural non-toxic wood wax. Your wood would be in a great condition if it avoids direct sunlight and stays in an average humidity level environment. For every purchase, the customer will be given a guide with all the care and repair tips. Drop us an email at if you want to get a copy.

Is it long-lasting?

Wood, if maintained and cared well, is a durable and natural material compared to many other materials. We offer two years of structural warranty for #TEC,  it definitely prolongs its longevity.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
— John Ruskin