Every Home Has A Story #13 CENTURY GATE

昨晚到屯門瓏門給客人補回螺絲,趁機會分享一下,客人訂的是 JOVI 150 cm in PALE,現場黃燈可能 pale 的效果不太突出。

經常有客人查詢 pale 的餐枱實物,其實 display 已經落單,不過現階段 first priority 都是趕緊完成客人訂單,自己的產品 display 先暫且擱置。現在 studio 有一張 PAUSE CHAIR display 是以 pale 作 finishing,在 studio 落地玻璃大自然陽光下,基本上大家看過餐椅實物就會捉到 pale 的獨特,二話不說選擇。

Last night we went again to Century Gate at Tuen Mun to replace some screws for our customers who ordered JOVI table in 150cm in pale finishing. Because the actual lighting was yellowish, it didn't really show the actual finishing.

We get asked a lot about do we have a dining table/bench display in pale finishing. The fact is we have already placed the order a while ago, but now we really want to settle in and finish all the previous orders before working on our own new products or displays. But we do have a PAUSE chair on display at our studio in pale finishing. It looks gorgeous and minimal when it's under natural daylight and people would for sure go for this pale option without we further introduce.

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